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Writing A Term Paper That Reaches for an “A”

Every student is now in the process of getting their syllabus fulfilled, and part of that process may include writing the dreaded term paper. By now, if you are a diligent student, you have gathered the resources needed to research the subject that your Professor has laid out for you. If you are one of the fortunate students that are able to choose their own subject, by now you should have chosen the perfect topic and are ready to go. But when it comes to sitting down and writing, a question of 'how to write a term paper' may still be stuck in the air.

And like with many other things, you have two options here. One of the options is to leave it all to a trustworthy research paper writing service and only scan through the paper before turning it in. The other is to use all your mental powers and complete the paper on your own.

Pulling It All Together

Term paper writing, unlike other types of research, is usually divided into separate entities that, when completed, some professors want you to hand in at different times during the semester. The first section usually worked on is your annotated bibliography. This is a part of your paper that gives a brief description of each of your sources and tells in your own words what each author will be contributing to your research. Study your syllabus closely to make sure you are following your Professor’s recommendations for each part of your paper.

Next, develop an outline of what in-text citations you will use. You will do well with this section if you have read your sources thoroughly, and as you read the books you left sticky notes threaded throughout the book like little bread crumbs. Begin with the first one that you highlighted to the last, making sure you keep track of the page numbers as you go.


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Your Thesis

Carefully formulate your thesis, which is the main premise you are attempting to prove throughout your paper. Your thesis should appear near the end of your first paragraph. This paragraph, and sometimes the second paragraph, is considered your introduction.

If you do not formulate a thesis right away it's okay. As you learn how to write term papers you will find that many thesis statements are formed well into writing the body of the paper as your thoughts and ideas develop.

Body Paragraphs

Writing term papers depends on your knowledge of developing what is called flowing paragraphs. This means that when you write an idea in one paragraph you must allow for that paragraph to flow into the next one seamlessly while helping the reader absorb the previous idea. Notice how body paragraphs were mentioned in the last section before we introduced this one. It was intentional. Ask yourself the following questions when developing your body paragraphs:

  1. Are my third and fourth paragraphs referring to my introduction?
  2. Have I cited at least one of my sources in my third paragraph? (try to cite sources in a way that it seems like the source’s quote is part of your own sentence, this gets extra points from your Professors)
  3. Are my page numbers correct and am I citing my sources correctly? Professors usually take off points for these types of mistakes.
  4. Am I proofreading as I complete each paragraph so that they are seamless?

When developing your body paragraphs in your term paper, this would be a good time to get help from an online writing service if needed. Keep in mind that they are to be used sparingly. They are there if you need them in a pinch and are a good investment to keep your paper structured properly. We find that has been tested as one of the premier paper writing services on the Internet.

format ico
Writer’s base essay format

+ APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian citation styles or any other of your choice

  • 12-point Times New Roman
  • 0.5’’ first line of paragraph
  • 1’’ margin all around
  • 0’’ between paragraphs
  • double spaced (275 words/page)
  • single spaced (550 words/page)


Copy and paste the following sentence and keep it posted next to your computer so you will always remember it. A conclusion is a claim that is supported by its premises, and a premise is a claim that supports its conclusion. During the conclusion process keep this statement in mind because it will help you to remember the following:

  • What you will discover from this statement is that there can only be one conclusion in a paper. Remember when we said that your thesis is your strongest premise, which is a claim in your paper. You may have many premises that lead up to your conclusion. They should all agree with one another as you reach your conclusion.
  • Every statement used from your sources, every idea developed along the way will now come together in your conclusion.
  • Your conclusion should be looking back over your paper to draw strength from each paragraph you have developed. Your thesis is now depending on you to prove its validity.
  • You will now be using statements such as; as so and so said in so and so’s book we see that this is so, and that is so; therefore, with convincing evidence of so and so, we have come to the conclusion that so and so is such.
  • Your conclusion should only cover 1-2 paragraphs at the most.

The final thing that you should be prepared for is your works cited page. There are apps that are available to help you structure your bibliographies such as  Make sure that your paper is read out loud upon completion. If you live with your parents read it to them. Some professors allow for the submission of a paper early to have it previewed so that they can tell you what could be adjusted for a better grade.

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It is also a good idea to get in touch with your classmates and start a study group, and you can help each other by reading your papers to them or exchanging papers for closer review before submission to your professor. Lastly, if you get your term papers done in time enough to have a professional review them, can review them for you.