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Help Frequently Asked Questions
General Information

What kinds of writing do you do?

  • We have professional writers for all academic, business, career, and e-commerce writing of any type.

How did this company get started?

  • We began as a provider of academic writing to college students several years ago. Since then, we have expanded services to include academic writing from high school through graduate programs, for business and career professionals, and for all e-commerce needs. We have degreed and qualified writers to cover it all.

Are the writers skilled?

  • Yes they are. Every writer we employ has a college degree. We verify that degree and examine each writer's college transcripts. But, we don't stop there. We insist that every potential writer submits an original work of writing before they are hired. This is our way of guaranteeing that they have both knowledge and writing ability.

The Ordering and Delivery Process

How is an order placed?

  • We have an order form on our site, with fields for you to supply all of the details of what you need. If you have any questions about completing it, just contact us. One of our customer service reps will help you. We need as much detail as possible so we can assign the correct writer and so that you get exactly what you want.

After I place an order, what happens?

    • We confirm you order by email
    • We locate the most suitable writer and assign the project to him/her
    • We set up an account for you on our site. You are asked to check your account page regularly, because this is how you and your writer will communicate (s/he may have questions), and this is where you will receive your final product.
    • If you want to check progress, ask your writer or contact customer service
    • Once the writer has finished your order, s/he sends it over to our editing department. It is checked against your original instructions, for correct structure and grammar and for plagiarism.
    • We let you know by email when your final draft is ready
    • You download your final draft from your account page. If it meets your needs, you click “approve;” if you want changes you click the “revision request” button and tell your writer what you want changed. Changes will be made until you are satisfied.
    • Once you approve of the final document, it is deleted from our system, so that no one else will ever have possession of it or see it again. It is your property

How do I pay for my order?

  • You pay just as you would for any other online purchase. You pay at the time of order submission; we accept all major credit or debit cards, e-checks, wire transfers. We use a third-party payment processor with SSL certification and we never have our banking information.

What if I do not like what has been produced?

  • Just tell us what you want revised. Our policy is to make revisions until the customer is happy.

FAQ’s From Students

Do you sell pre-written papers or do you write them?

  • Every piece of writing that comes from us is an original, designed and produced only for a single customer. You will receive an entirely original work that is checked for plagiarism before delivery, and it is then wiped from our system.

Can you write for any course?

  • Absolutely. We have writers with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D.’s in all content fields. They produce any type of academic writing in their academic fields, as well as coursework assignments, tests, and math and science problem sets. We will always be able to find a qualified writer for your need.

Do you write for graduate students?

  • Yes. We only assign our Ph.D.’s to graduate level research and writing projects.

I have to submit a TurnItIn report with everything I write. Will what you produce for me pass that scan?

  • We use the same software to check every piece of writing before we send it out to a customer. We will be happy to send you our report if you wish, or you can run your own. In any case, nothing will be detected, because we only deliver completely original work.

How do I know that an actual live person is producing my order?

  • You will have an account page in our system, and you may contact your writer at any time. In fact, we encourage you to do so, because only through this kind of communication will you end up with exactly what you wanted.

Can I count on you not to reveal my identity to anyone?

  • Yes, of course. Your personal information is encrypted on our site and you are only known by an ID number. No outside entity ever has access to any of our customer lists.

If I don’t like my essay, what do I do?

  • You tell us, of course! You let us know what about it you want changed, and it will be accomplished immediately. Any customer always has the right to ask for revisions!

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

  • You can contact your writer directly through your account page or you can get in touch with our customer service office, 24/7. Our contact phone and email is on our site, or you can just get online and chat live with one of our reps.

FAQs from Business and Career Professionals and We

What kinds of business writing do you do?

  • The short answer is anything you need. The longer answer is: reports, white papers, plans and projects, presentations, press releases, employee and other manuals, e-guides, traditional ad web-based marketing materials, etc. – virtually any type of writing you may need.

Do you create resumes and cover letters?

  • We have an entire department of designers and writers who do nothing but craft amazing resumes, CV’s and cover letters. These pros will research the organizations to which you are applying and prepare resumes/cover letters specifically for those organizations.

Do you ever write grants?

  • Yes, we do. And our success rate of acceptance is really high!

If I need an article for a professional publication, can you do that?

  • Yes. We have Ph.D.’s in all fields. Just give us the data and details, and we will whip it up!

I want a new website. Can you do this?

  • Our copywriting department has designers and writers with years of experience. We can do any and all of the following:

    • Website design or renovation
    • Website content
    • Articles and Blog Posts
    • Maintenance of business blogs
    • Website reviews
    • Product Reviews
    • Content Marketing, Press Releases
    • Social Media Profiles
    • Newsletters and Email Marketing Campaigns
    • SEO Plans
    • Media of all types – photos, infographics, animation, videos, etc.
    • Re-purposing content in new formats