Popularity Of Cartoons


The entertainment culture has changed in America for the past 30 years. The industry has undergone a big change in terms of adult animations marking a transition from a culture of innocence and social protection to the culture of commodification. The adults are now assaulted by the never-ending proliferation of marketing strategies for these adult cartoons that colonize their daily lives as well as consciousness. The adults have become the captive audience of the adult cartoons because of the easy access by using different digital media platforms such as the PDAs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, as well as the internet. These are the addition to the traditional forms of media such as televisions, print editions, and films that have also increased the access to the cartoons as part of entertainment rejuvenation.

The Southpark Adult Cartoon

An extraordinary new era in the cartoon industry was experienced in 1990s through the rebirth of popularity that was pioneered by the Fox network. The Simpsons set the stage for cartoon appropriation by integrating the elements of live action and innovative musical moments. Besides, the expansion of the cable television brought a greater variety of adult cartoons to the consumers as well as television networks focusing entirely on animated programming. The Southpark cartoon was one of the adult animations pioneered by the Fox network (Park 307).

The adult animations have advanced exposing viewers to multiple generations of music, thus gaining more attention. The Southpark animation combined both the trends of cartoon sitcom and cable television, owing to its popularity (Eames par 4). The use of musical satire also increased the popularity of the Southpark animation among the adult audience. The satire was achieved in a way that it was appealing to the primary fan base. Southpark expressed an eclectic mix of musical interests, thus resulting in a greater engagement with the audience. The animation was made pertinent by the generational influences and its explosive intersection of the media (Qudos Animations par 4).

The mix of voice acting and television music in the animations gives it a sense of taste. The introduction of the Simpsons revolutionized the cartoon landscape instigating a tidal wave of the adult cartoons. The market became flooded with politically and socially charged cartoon sitcoms such as Southpark. Southpark raised questions about whether it was a comedy or blasphemy because of some religious aspects, thus gaining a lot of popularity. The cartoon became one of the most internet viral videos, thus earning a high rating.

The entertainment, information, and cultural pedagogy disseminated by the massive multimedia corporations have greatly influenced the popularity of adult cartoons influencing the consumer culture both in the United States and across the globe.The impact of the new technologies can be seen to influence the popularity of these cartoons. The current statistical trends reveal that the average American spends more than six hours a day watching the video-based entertainment. Most of these are now shifting to the animations. The growing power of the adult animations haslead to the growth of their economic power as a result of an increase in viewership as an effort of seeking the new media environment (Qudos Animations par 3). In addition, multibillion-dollar media corporations have moved these animations to higher levels because of their dominance in the entertainment industry. With their commanding power over commodity markets, these corporations have increased the popularity of the adult animations, such as Southpark, through production and circulation of the cartoons. For instance, Disney in the new millennium has been at the center of popularizing these cartoons. Disney is a symbol of capitalist consumerism, thus its influence in the entertainment industry (Telotte 247).

The corporate culture of advertising has transformed the adult cartoon industry. The Southpark animation was revitalized through promotion in the local media industries to identify the adult issues and themes, thus making it a preference for the consumers.

Despite the comic creations of the adult cartoons, they have increased the adult contents to attract more grown ups. Additionally, people have started to like the animations because of their content. Compared to the movies, they express the events in a different way with the aspects of fantasy and humor (Telotte 246). They have been popular for presenting events in the form of a live action drama. Some animators have used the adult animations as a medium for telling dark, mature, and complicated stories that identify with the adult audience, thus increasing their popularity (Eames par 2).

The Pokemon effect also improved the popularity of the adult animations in the United States by inspiring the local media and TV stations to adopt the animations in their program lineups. Some local media platforms adopted Southpark as a part of their program lineup. The effect was an increase in the target audience, thus their popularity. The introduction of the social media platforms via the internet have improved the access of the animations as people continue hearing about them in the discussions all over the internet, thus developing a rare interest. These act as free advertising sites where people post their comments as well as objections regarding the adult animations. The Southpark animation had an aspect of religious contentions, thus it was a center of discussion in the social media platforms, making it very popular (Park 330).


The audience for animations has been the children under the age of ten because of the cartoons` contents that are suitable for them. These include cartoons such as the Mickey Mouse that was specifically suited to the children as the target audience. However, there has been rejuvenation in the industry with most movies turning to animation to target the adult audience. For instance, the Southpark animation had religious themes and had been a center of religious contention. People want to immerse themselves in a fantasy world after they collide with too much responsibility in their lives.

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