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20 Best Christmas Gifts for Students with Imagination

December 12, 2016 - Posted toFun

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Christmas is the time of giving. People around the world spend lots of time, effort, and money to give out to the less fortunate and to their loved ones. And for some students, it means saving enough cash from their allowances and think of imaginative ideas to utilize their budget.

Giving Christmas gifts doesn’t mean spending loads of cash on a Christmas present. There are numerous gift ideas for your loved ones, which are creative and personal. Here are 20 examples of best Christmas gifts for students with imagination:

1. DIY pillow cases

Are you thinking of something special to give your parents? And get really tired whenever your mom spends loads of time in the department looking for the perfect red and green pillow case this Christmas? Lastly, are you a creative person who enjoys do-it-yourself or DIY projects? This is one the best gift ideas for you. Why?

  • It will save you from spending too much on one gift
  • It is something personal and chances are your mom will appreciate it
  • You will spend more time doing something you like

What you need are the following: A meter or yard of plain cloth with any fabric you like, zipper or buttons, and needle and thread. And if you feel like decorating it, you may do so with cross-stitch patterns or embroidery.

2.  A sweet letter

One of the best gifts anyone can get are personal letters written from the heart. First, you won’t have to spend anything but a decorative paper and a pen. Think of it as a Christmas writing discount where you improve your skill in writing and become a better writer. Here are some thoughts and guidelines if you wish to pursue this idea:

  • Think of your letter as educational writing. You need to put it time and effort to impress your professor, and in this case your parents or loved ones.
  • This kind of Christmas present can be as personal as you want it to be. Remember the fundamentals of writing like a good introduction, a heartfelt body, and a strong conclusion. And here I say, you’re welcome.
  • Christmas writing is fun.
  • And if you do not have can hire essay writers online and get a Christmas writing discount

3. A video editorial

This type of Christmas present is best fit for students who are into film and any related field. You can edit old homemade videos and present it on Christmas day

4. Dough sets for your niece

Thinking of creative gift ideas for your cousins and niece? Dough sets maybe the smartest choice. Why? Kids learn creativity and explore new shapes and sizes.

5. Journals or organizers

Having a hard time buying gifts for students? Go for the usual journal or organizer. Students sometimes are having a hard time managing their time with all the requirements in school.. If you give them an organizer, they can now schedule their daily errands.

Furthermore, if you give a student a journal, he can put to words and in detail all his or her experience in school.

6. Printed socks

There are various companies who sell printed socks. It’s very out in the market, meaning you won’t have a hard time finding them. They’re available in different colors, patterns, and sizes.

7. Pencil cases

A pencil case is a good gift idea if you’re thinking of a gift for a writers or students who have a collection of color pens, highlighters, and pencils. They now come in different shapes and styles. You can give the usual pencil you used to bring to school in junior high or a leather roll-up pencil case for a more professional look.

8. Ballpen set

So there’s something to put in your pencil case.

9. Notepads

Sticky notes have been in our lives for a long time and it’s not going to be obsolete even in today’s age of technology. It’s a thoughtful gift and also imaginative.

10. A selection of how-to guides for DIY artists

This is a perfect gift for imaginative individuals who enjoy making DIY.

11. Running shoes

Imaginative students also need to have a healthy lifestyle.

12. New clothes

Buying clothes is an obvious choice for gifts. And young creative minds sometimes forget to dress up because of they are pre-occupied with all their projects they have to accomplish. Most imaginative individuals tend to wear the same style on a daily basis because it saves them the time and effort to think of their wardrobe. This is a good option because you already know what they want.

If he or she wears a lot of black, buy a black shirt. This idea saves you the time and the possibility of committing a mistake.

13. Set of pencils

Pencils have a variety of shades and function. If you’re giving a gift for someone who is into arts, giving him or her new set of pencils is a great option.

14. A witty mug

This is probably the perfect gift for people who loves drinking coffee. There are a lot of options in the market. You can give a mug with pop arts designs or a witty statement that reflects his or her personality.

15. A spa gift certificate

Buying gifts for students can sometimes be a painful task. The best gift for hard working students is something that will release them from all the stress through a nice day at the spa.

16. A good novel

Reading is both fun and informative.

17. Foot rest

This gift idea is perfect for writers who are glued to their couch thinking of the next great love story.

18. Pencil holder

This gift idea is perfect for writers who are glued to their couch who writes all their next great ideas.

19. Typewriter

This is a good idea for writers who can take a good pun. It’s traditional and retro!

20. Calligraphy writing set

A calligraphy set is a great idea for students who have a penchant for writing. They can use it to practice their handwriting or even write an entire book using this just like some of the greatest writers who have walked this earth.

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