July 23, 2020

Interesting Essay Topics for Students in 2020

Interesting Essay Topics for Students in 2020
Most students find it the hardest to come up with an inspiring topic. That's why this list of great essay topics for 2020 can be just what you need to get you started. Here are some topic categories that can help you write a thought-provoking essay.

To let your inner writer out you need a challenging topic that will motivate you to give your best. This year, the notorious 2020, has given us a lot to think and write about. The world as we know it has undergone several important changes and that can be your resource of high-quality writing.

Covid-19 Pandemic 

The most commonly discussed topic these days is definitely Covid-19. The world is facing a global health pandemic that made an impact on every part of our lives. You can approach this subject matter from different angles. 

The matter of coronavirus will find its place among other topic categories as well. That's simply because the aftermath of the pandemic is yet to be notable and it intertwines with everything that we know and experience.  

There is a lot to think about when it comes to coronavirus. Not to mention that a lot will change with the pandemic. Therefore, here are some topics that you could write about concerning the coronavirus and its effect on humanity:

  • The Effects of Coronavirus on Education across the World 

  • The Effects of Coronavirus on Mental Health

  • The Environment’s Response to Coronavirus (What Are the Effects on the Environment as a Result of the Pandemic?)

  • The Role of Mass Media During Coronavirus Pandemic

  • How is the Covid-19 Pandemic Affecting the World Economy?

  • Will Covid-19 Cause the Biggest Economic Recession that Has Ever Been Experienced?

  • How Does Coronavirus Affect Family Life?

Protests in the USA 

The case of George Floyd's murder by police officers has opened Pandora's Box. The truth about discrimination and racism has seen the light. Consequences have manifested as massive protests across the USA. 

Some find these protests necessary and essential for eliminating the still-present racism. However, others see it as a health hazard and devastating for the cities that are getting destroyed. 

This is a sensitive topic and you should be ready to do a lot of research. You will need to travel back in history to collect the information on racism and look into media reports on similar racist accidents that have been neglected in the USA history. When writing such delicate topics you might find yourself stuck, trying to come up with the best way to express yourself. In that case, you can always turn to BestEssaysEducation and their experienced writers for help. 

If you are ready to tackle this assignment, consider the following topics:

  • The Role of Protests in a Democracy

  • The History of Systemic Racism and It’s Culmination Today

  • Racial Issues and Protests in Campus

  • The Role of the Police in “Black Lives Matter” Protests

  • Can There Be Justification of Violence as a Mean for Achieving a Change?

  • The Use of Social Media in Uncovering the Reality of Racism  

  • The Controversy of “All Lives Matter” Slogan

The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the third president that has been impeached. Considering that the shift of the presidency in the US is current news, the impeachment trial is an intriguing and relevant subject. 

The presidency of Donald Trump has caused commotion from the beginning to the very end. It still has people wondering about the future of the US which is largely influenced by Trump's impeachment. 

Since the elections are approaching, the spotlight on Donald Trump is getting stronger. His impeachment trial will be set in US history and is therefore a worthy topic to discuss. You can reflect on Donald Trump's trial through these topics:

  • Analogies between the Impeachment Process and a Criminal Trial

  • US Citizens’ Attitude towards Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial 

  • What the Acquittal of Donald Trump Means for the Future of the US Presidency?

  • Presidential Impeachment throughout the History of U.S.A.

  • The Role of the Chief Justice in the Impeachment Trial

  • Donald Trump’s Defense Arguments in the Impeachment Trial

  • Democrats and Republicans Standpoints of the Impeachment Trial

Fires in Australia

The first sign of how disappointing 2020 will be were the bushfires in Australia. They started in September 2019 and have continued in 2020. The fire has wiped out numerous wildlife and gave as a devastating warning of the power of nature.

Australia is still coping with the dangers of fires and this natural disaster showed to be a big threat to planet Earth. If you want to focus your attention on the environment and Australia's bushfire crisis, here are some topics for you:

  • How Climate Change Influenced Australia's Fires?

  • The Underlying Causes of Australia’s Bushfires

  • Are Australia Bushfires The Beginning of Global Warming?

  • The Endangered Species from Australia's Bushfire Crisis

  • The Impact of Australian Bushfires on Australian Economic Activity

  • How the World is Helping Australia Combat the Bushfires?

  • Can the Ecosystem Recover from Dramatic Losses caused by Australian Bushfires?


With everything that is happening, people rely on technology more than ever. From online classes to remote workers, the need for technology is rising. 

If you want to revise the influence of technology, the innovations that we have to look forward to, and changes we can expect, technology might be the right category for you. These are some of the popular topics in the world of technology that you could really dig deep into:

  • The Impact of Digital Learning on Schools and Education

  • The Conspiracy between 5G Data Networks and Covid-19 – Is There Any Truth in It?

  • Health Technologies that Are Changing the World

  • Is Technology Bringing People Closer or Pulling Them Apart?

  • The Problems that Social Media Causes and Issues that It Solves

  • Do Digital Tools Make Students More or Less Productive?

  • Can Genetically Modified Food Technologies Solve Hunger Issues?

Get to Writing!

All of these topics will provoke deep thinking and research. Writing about issues that affect us personally can make the essay more passionate and creative. 

Pick a topic that you have a personal interest in and express yourself through writing. Aside from getting a good grade, you'll be able to learn something new through collecting information on the topic and spark some critical thinking. 

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