September 01, 2017

I Hate College! Do You?

I Hate College! Do You?
Is there anything worse than being expected to feel one way when in truth you feel the exact opposite? Students who hate college must experience this on a regular basis.

After all, we’re all told what a privilege it is to attend college. Even students who absolutely hated high school are often told, ‘Just wait!’ College is different.’

Here’s the reality some students simply hate college. They may wonder, ‘why do I hate college so much?’, and feel embarrassed and ungrateful. Other students know exactly why ‘I hate my college’. They may feel as if they were pushed into college instead of being free to pursue a trade or talent. Then there are the students who simply wonder, ‘Is college worth the cost?’

Rather than denying that many students hate college or ostracizing them for doing so, the best approach might be to outline why students hate college and provide some insights as well.

They Chose or Were Forced Into Choosing a For-Profit College

For-profit colleges in the United States aggressively market themselves to students. They specifically target disadvantaged students. Unfortunately, these schools often offer low-quality education. Students who graduate are frequently unable to transfer to other schools or find jobs. Worse, when they find this out, students are too far into their programs to drop out. Imagine going to school, working hard, earning decent grades, and learning that your degree might be worthless.

Solution: Research schools thoroughly. Be sure they are accredited through the government. If a school has lied or misled you please report them to your department of education and attorney general's office.

They Don’t Fit in at Their School of Choice

Every school has its own culture. Some schools are party schools. Others are a good fit for students who are artistic and creative. There are schools that emphasize religious worship, and others where students value community service. An introverted and studious freshman is likely to feel unwanted and out of place in a school that emphasizes athletics and social activity. Getting accepted at the most powerful universities is an honor, but not if the student is a poor fit.

Solution: Find like-minded students. Look into clubs, volunteer groups, and other activities that may be a better fit. Also, consider widening your horizons a bit.

The Cost is Just Too Damn High

Tuition rates are skyrocketing. Some schools can cost as much as 50K per year. Add that to a large college loan rate, and that’s a stressful situation. For many students, that much debt makes college seem less than worthwhile. What's even more frustrating: most colleges fall far behind with the technology. And while everyone has been discussing VR, EdTech, and Blockchain, students still spend their lives in libraries. So why pay more?

Solution: Try to earn scholarships. Take advantage of the school’s work-study program. Apply at a community college to take summer classes if that is allowed.

They Feel Lost in The Crowd

It’s hard to feel important or that you are a priority in a lecture hall with 300 other people. It’s even worse to struggle to make friends or find activities that are a good fit. Even finding a study group or other writing help can be difficult.

On the other hand, students attending smaller schools can face similar issues. If there are cliques or the town isn’t very welcoming that can be a very lonely experience.

Solutions: Be patient. This is often a problem that can be solved by time and patience. You will get to know people and become familiar with your surroundings soon enough.

They Have Chosen or Were Pushed Into The Wrong Major

For some students, the issue isn’t that they are attending college. The issue is that they are in a major that is a poor fit for them. They may have been pushed into their major by parents who are living vicariously through them. They may have chosen a major that they thought they wanted to pursue, but now realize isn’t a good fit for them.

Solution: It is never too late to change your major. Even if it means delaying graduation you will be much happier in the future if you do

They Are Overwhelmed Academically

Some students are overwhelmed academically. Students who struggled in high school, students with learning difficulties, students who work in addition to going to school, and students who are ESL all have difficulties that many of us do not face. This can be an unfair roadblock to academic success.

To succeed they most often seek out college essay help. If they are graduate students they need more than essay writing assistance. Their worries are will they be prepared for their dissertation defense.

Solution: Get help! Hire a tutor. Use a tested college research paper writing service! Ask your instructor for assistance. There are people who truly want you to succeed.

The Job Market in Their Field Isn’t Good

Job markets fluctuate greatly. What may have been a good choice of a major as a freshman could have very few job opportunities upon graduation. Sometimes students choose majors without considering marketability. This becomes problematic as graduation approaches.

Solution: Add a minor that is more marketable, and research before choosing a major.

They Have an Overwhelming Schedule

Students who work, raise families, or participate in activities have a lot on their plate. So much so that it can lead to exhaustion and burnout. This makes it very difficult to keep up with the demands of school let alone enjoy attending.

Solution: Try to find a balance between life and academics. Get help when you need it.


College attendance isn’t all sunshine and roses. For some students, they are simply better off choosing a different path such as learning a trade. Unfortunately, parental and societal pressure can make that difficult. Other students are in the wrong major, attending a school that is a bad fit, or in the difficult position of realizing there isn’t much future in the field they have chosen.

Students who hate college today must realize that this is not the end of the world. There are solutions that they can implement to make things better. However, these often require effort and a willingness to help themselves. Sometimes it involves taking a stand with parents and peers. Hopefully, students reading this who hate school will be able to identify why and use some of the ideas here to improve their situation.

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