August 05, 2015

3 Habits of Top Students You Should Grow

3 Habits of Top Students You Should Grow
Students who possess good study habits are more likely to have better grades than students who don’t. They are also less likely to suffer from school related anxiety. This is largely due to the fact that they are less likely to fall behind, or to realize at the last minute they don’t understand something. There are some good study habits that apply to students of all ages.

Presumably most people reading this know most, if not all of these. What this posting is going to discuss is a few specific study habits for college students. These 3 good study habits for college students are sure to help students start the school year on the right track.

Don’t Toss Homework Assignments, Tests, or Quizzes

Save these, and take the time to correct wrong answers if your professor hasn’t done so already. Highlight items that are particularly important or that you found most difficult. Then, stick them in a binder with a tab that indicates the specific subject each one covers. When you are finished, what you will have is your own study guide for the class. This is perfect for studying for your final exam. If you would rather not keep paper copies, scan them into your smartphone, and organize them with a note taking app. You’ll still have a study guide, and you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go.

Don’t wait for Down Time to Study

If you wait until you have the opportunity to be at your desk in a quiet bedroom, apartment, or dorm room to study, you will never get any studying done. Your residence hall will always be noisy, you’ll always have someplace that you need to be. You may have had a block of time every evening in high school where your parents made sure that you had a quiet and distraction free place to study. Nobody is going to guarantee you a distraction free study area in college, and there’s a good chance that you won’t have a block of time each evening. So, get an app to organize your study notes. Study while you eat your lunch. Review your notes while you ride the bus to work. Do you have 20 minutes between classes? Squeeze in some study time. In fact, studying in short bursts like this may help you to retain information for longer periods of time.

Emulate the Study Habits of the Busiest Students

It may seem logical to emulate the study habits of students who get the best grades. In reality, however, these students often have horrible study habits. This is because many of them simply don’t need to study. They just pick things up naturally. In other instances, these students study obsessively and unhealthily. The best study habits are often displayed by college students who manage to maintain respectable grades while leading exceptionally busy social and work lives. If you want to learn how to improve study habits, these are the people to ask.

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