August 22, 2016

Awesome Cover Letter Examples for College Students to Engage Employers

Awesome Cover Letter Examples for College Students to Engage Employers
Writing a cover letter for resume as an undergraduate or freshly graduated student is both an exciting and difficult prospect. While many students focus on writing their resumes in order to impress their future employers, it’s important to note that both your resume and the cover letter for resume you send are what make your application.

They both serve as a way of communicating who you are and how the company you are applying for can benefit from having you. It’s a two-way street after all.

Many students will complain that their cover letter wasn’t good enough and that’s why they were turned down. While it’s not impossible, the more probable cause was that they mass e-mailed a resume with a cover letter and crossed their fingers. This is not how you apply for an internship or a job position. It shows that you don’t care about your employer and only think about yourself. Let’s take a look at how you can write a cover letter for resume in order to get hired.

Do your research

The best way to come up with perfect content for your application paper is by doing research. What does your dream company do? How long are they in business? Who is their CEO? Any and all information that you find about the company that you are chasing for an internship will help you a great deal. It will show that you care about them and do your work thoroughly. You can look up some cover letter examples in order to have a better understanding of what a company is looking for in its interns.

The most prominent and developed companies don’t look for your academic background but for your particular set of skills. The most sought after skill in the corporate world is leadership. The ability to manage people and projects. Not how high your grade was in a particular course. Adapt to your company’s needs and you will be on your way of earning that internship you are looking for.

Adapt your writing

There is a cover letter for resume example everywhere you look, and knowing which style and tone of voice to acquire in order to impress your employer is part of the writing process. Some of the cover letter examples for students offer very detailed and step-by-step guides on how to craft your cover letter. Make sure that you study each one in order to recognize what style you need to use for that particular company.

Are you sending your application via e-mail or in an envelope? Sometimes the envelope might be a great idea considering that it’s a dying fashion. It will help you look professional and elegant; making sure that your cover letter for resume actually gets read.

Manage expectations

The fact of the matter is that you are not the only person applying for a particular internship. It doesn’t mean that you should panic, only think critically about the chances you have. The most common mistake many students make is that they think the cover letter for resume is the first thing that your future employers will read when they receive your application. While in some cases that might be true, your employer is more interested in your resume. If it is well written and has everything that that particular employer wants in an intern, he or she will read your cover letter. Only then will the cover letter for resume come into play when applying for an internship.

This means that your resume must be on par with what the company is looking for. It has to be well written and formatted, but most importantly it needs to fill the employer with confidence that you are the right person for them. It also means that you have to adapt your cover letter to your employer. While students think of internship more than they do of the company providing it, this has proven wrong in practice. You letter must be hand-crafted to cater to that particular company and only then does it have a chance in impressing your employer and landing you an internship.

Format your paper

While it’s important to adapt your writing to your employer, it’s even more important to format the paper properly. Try looking at some cover letter examples for students. You should start your cover letter for resume by greeting the person reading it (by name, mind you). The introduction of your paper should contain the reason for why you are writing the application and how you specifically can help the company. Employers are interested into why they should hire you and what benefit they have from you. Be sure to get straight to the point as soon as possible and your cover letter for resume will do the trick.

The next paragraph should focus on your particular skills and again, how they can benefit the company. Make sure to keep the narrative going forward and don’t use the same sentences twice. It’s unprofessional and the employer will get the impression that you don’t have anything else to say. Use the final paragraph to close your cover letter for resume and state that you are looking forward to getting a phone call or an e-mail from the company. Always make sure that you give the reader a call-to-action, something that you expect them to do after they finish reading. As you’ve probably noticed by now, there is no way to write one cover letter and send it to multiple companies hoping that they will contact you; because they won’t. Adapt to your company of choice and craft the paper according to the research you’ve previously done.

Following these tips and ideas will greatly increase your chances of earning an internship. It doesn’t mean that your cover letter for resume will be perfect, but it will be that much more professional and true to whom you are. Put every bit of hard work and effort into crafting your resume and cover letter; you will soon realize that hard work does pay off.

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