May 11, 2016

Best Places For Internship To Make Awesome Career

Best Places For Internship To Make Awesome Career
Internships are an incredible way of getting an insight into the world of full-time work without being committed to the stresses and strains of internal politics, the hierarchical in-fighting, and other downsides of committing to a full-time position.

Making the Right Choice At Start

As an intern, you are never seen to be a threat to the established order of things within a department or organization. It gives you a unique opportunity to observe, suggest, and even implement ideas that might take months of meetings, and many hours of presentation time to explain, in the normal course of events, simply because of the temporary nature of your tenure. Most successful careers require a degree of politics and guile, and this is probably the only chance you will ever get to explore different tactics and methods without upsetting too many people along the way. It also gives you the opportunity to see, live, the way other people address these issues in the workplace.

As an intern, you usually have huge flexibility to flit between departments, and the different parts of an organization, and because of that, you can speak to people that you would not normally meet in the normal course of your duties. Students internships cover a multitude of situations and are a great opportunity to pick the brains of everyone from the warehouseman, through to the chief executive; students employment covers a multitude of situations.

Great Options For Early Career

There are a huge number of student internship opportunities available; and to give you an idea of the scope and scale of these opportunities we have listed some below, along with some notes on each.

Before we forget; here is a list of internship programs 2016 which you may find useful after reading this article.

As you can imagine, the competition for places on internships is fierce; your resume and cover letter have to be spot-on. For this reason if you are not confident that you can put together a compelling and convincing case, it may be worth considering cover letter writing help to get your point across and to secure that elusive interview. Resume editing is another approach you may need to consider, just to get the final polish into your application.

One of the other things that you need to consider is that many of the applicants will come from similar backgrounds, similar colleges, and have similar approaches to gaining that place on the internship program, as you. In this situation, thinking outside the box, taking up advanced learning techniques is an incredibly powerful way of looking at the whole idea of gaining an internship placement. Investigate some of these ideas if you want to give yourself an edge.

Let's take a look at a few Internship programs, from varying industries, in more detail:

KPCB Design and Engineering offer a Product Fellows Program, which enables students to spend a whole year at a Silicon Valley startup and see the action from the ground floor. On the program, they meet with other design students and engineering gurus, and there is a three-month summer program focused just on design and engineering. Incidentally, they also run a new year-long program which is focused solely on product management.

The Boston Consulting Group The chances are that if you have ever read a financial newspaper, magazine or publication, you will have heard of The Boston Consulting Group, even though you may not have any idea what it is that they do. They are, in fact, one of the world's leading management consulting firms; with a staff of over 10,000, working in 45 countries.

They offer a summer placement for over 100 students, for between 6 to 12 weeks. The idea behind the program is that it enables students to get to know the business and the staff, and work on projects whilst assuming the same responsibilities as those of the permanent staff in order to give them a proper insight into what business strategy and management consultancy involve.

Kohl's Stores operate an 8-week program in which students can have a realistic experience of retail management by exposure to managing a team, and running a department. This practice is followed by a full debriefing via a store walk with district managers and concentrates on business analysis, motivation, and leadership skills. Areas of participation include human resources, purchasing, logistics, marketing, finance, e-commerce, IT programming and IT business analysis, technical design, textiles design, product development, and buying. In addition to this corporate program, there are distribution center courses, which are a 10-week program, and a contact center program, also of 10 weeks, which are designed to give insights into the “backroom” operations of Kohl’s structure.

MossAdams Is one of the largest accountancy firms in America, with 27 offices around the country, and with a presence in more than a hundred other countries. It offers internships via the Moss Adams Foundation “Campus” program. These internships are part of the tax and assurance groups and are an 8 to 10-week program, which simulates the assignments and tasks you are likely to encounter as a staff accountant in your first year. There is also a state and local tax services internship that covers subjects such as law and compliance requirements and involves keeping the clients up to date with changes in legislation, Nexus analysis and planning, as well as undertaking refund audits and tax credit calculations.

3M has connections in over 70 countries, and works in fields as diverse as transportation, office products, safety, and health care. It is responsible for many household products such as Post-Its and Velcro.

Internships are available in the domains of marketing, finance, sales, HR, engineering, research and development, IT. Internships are usually of 6 to 12 weeks duration full-time comprising 3M's corporate student programs. These programs are designed to help 3M to find the most promising students and to allow the students themselves to appraise 3M and see if it is a suitable employer for them. Two-thirds of the intern intake are based in the headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Comcast/NBCUniversal are a massive media, film, and telecommunications company. They offer a number of internships based on their financial functions. These can be located at a number of posts including Atlanta GA, Denver CO, Englewood NJ, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, and New York NY.

The Internship allows the students to see the way in which financial viability and risk assessment apply to everything from television programming through to the network cell coverage of a telecommunications system.

So; there are half-a-dozen examples of internships which are currently available and many more can be found, together with reviews and rankings, more details and information on pay packages and housing allowances, travel arrangements, and so on. Just enter your criteria and the software will pull up whatever is available.

We hope this has been a helpful insight into some of the aspects of internship and gaining a place on some of the more prestigious internship programs.

Being on an internship is one of the most fantastic experiences of your career.

It is something that you will never be able to repeat, and as well as giving you immense satisfaction, will be something that you will always look back upon fondly in the latter stages of your career.

Getting the best out of your internship starts with getting the right course in the first place. Making sure that you have the best resume that you can possibly create, and an exemplary cover letter to accompany it, will be the best foundation possible for achieving this goal.

Good luck!

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