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Is It Legal Using Essay Writing Service? Tips From Expert.

April 15, 2017 - Posted toLife Hacks

Content is it legal using essay writing service tips from expert

It is a competitive world in academia, and students today are sometimes compelled to pay for essays. But where are the legit essay writing service (s)? Are there any? Is paying for college papers illegal/ ethical. What are some of the concerns students have when paying for these professional online papers?

The Facts

When polling university and college professors, they all agree that when a student buys a paper, to them it is plagiarism. But they also all agree that it is done, and if done in a professional manner and if they cannot trace it, they can’t prove it.

They admit that when a student takes the initiative to pay for a paper in this highly competitive world of academics he/she has every right to submit it as their own. On the university level, students are accepted who oftentimes are ESL challenged and although many of their essays are suspected of being professionally written, they are passed through.

This is the industry standard. College is a business. The university knows that they are ill equipped to offer these students the support needed to learn how to write these essays so they can fit into their systems of education.

The need for these types of writing services in the United States is reflective of how weakened our supports are academia. There is a need for help for foreign students, students with 1 or two jobs, students with families and those suffering emotional problems and stress.

But is it Cheating?

We all can admit that the issues are there that prevent students from being able to deliver their own papers, but it is right? Are we, by having these types of structures in place to help students get by, overlooking what can be causing generations of lazy students that just use the sites even though they can do their own work. Some would say yes.

It is well documented that the workforce in the United States is showing up ill-prepared and unskilled. Students ought to have good writing skills in the workforce, and the use of these paper mills is taking that skill away from them if used in excess.

Good writing skills lead to good critical thinking skills and research skills too. Getting writing services to do your thinking for you is a problem that is skyrocketing.

Students that use these paper mills report feeling that they have cheated. This can cause undue stress. They see that their peers have produced their own papers and they go away feeling their failures. Interestingly, if they use the mills enough because they have a fear of failure, they get used to the idea of getting away with it and continue.

Students that are going through this need to weigh the pros and cons before buying papers from online paid essay writing services. You may one day apply for a job that requires you to write an essay, format it, structure the content and research a topic. If you have not practiced this, you will not be able to do it to get the job.

The Cons

Although you may be tempted to go the easy route and purchase a college essay, keep these facts in mind:

  • If you use the wrong company, and you do not check your sources, you will be charged with plagiarism, this could lead to dismissal from college.
  • You are losing the ability to develop skills that writing and research will give you for later use in the workforce
  • The stigma of being caught as a cheater goes far beyond your school, it is embarrassing for your parents as well
  • The paper delivered may not pass. Although you may have had revisions, who is to say that this paper will pass your professors criteria?
  • If the writer of the content you are using files a complaint when you are found out, this could lead to legal issues.
  • Although it is not considered a crime to write the papers, a moral issue is at stake, so these content mills, as they are sometimes called, are not the ones that are considered cheating, it’s the student.

Many students are concerned that the service will scam them and not deliver what they are promised. To these students we say, do your homework. There are some services that do not deliver and once you pay, that fee may not be as guaranteed as they have promised.

Pros of Legitimate Essay Writing Services

Students that have come to the decision that there is no other way to get the paper done in a timely efficient manner, and they think about purchasing essays, need to know that there are legit writing services they can use.

You must do your research when finding a reliable essay writing service and sometimes that means not using the cheap essay writing services out there. You get what you pay for in this type of business. The more you pay can sometimes be the difference between a duplicate paper that is plagiarized or an A paper.

A legit writing service will have all if not most of the following attributes:

  • Their “about us” page is complete with who they are and what they stand for. It is good to know the history of the page you are visiting. If it seems like there is an echo past the landing page, get out of there.
  • Testimonials from sources with more than just an initial. Usually, if they have faces to a comment, that is a good indicator that they took the time to build a good website and include true testimonials.
  • Look for the BBB logo. Those that are approved by the Better Business Bureau can be investigated to see if they are good to spend money with.
  • They offer to help with the writing of the paper. Some just offer to write the paper for you. Those that offer to help you usually are hands-on and you will have contact with them. Take them up on the offer to help you so that you are engaged in the writing process. This will help you grow as a writer.
  • Unlimited revisions. This is a good way of knowing that they are not going to leave you in the lurch if you are not satisfied with the content of the paper.

The one that that is constant in college is the writing process. Many students at the senior level are used to it and don’t fret as much as when they were freshmen, but they still are faced with the uncertain feeling that their papers are just not good enough.

Meeting with your professors and getting started on your papers early are still the number one ways in which you can guarantee a good outcome for your paper. Ask your professors can you present them with a rough draft, and if you started early enough, this may be possible. Good luck with your papers!

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