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Top 7 College Majors

October 30, 2015 - Posted toStudy

Content top 7 college majors

Top 7 College Majors

Which college majors are the best? How do you measure that? The most popular college majors can reflect many things. Obviously the popularity of the major is one of those things, but what about other factors. Surely, popularity alone does not mean that a major is a good choice. After all, you also have to consider the quality of the schools that offer the major, the likelihood of somebody majoring in a particular subject getting a job, the potential salary a graduate can earn, the level of job satisfaction, and the future employment outlook of somebody entering a specific career field. We are not going to attempt to tell somebody how to choose a college major. Instead, what we have done is compile a list of great college majors that fit into one of the following criteria:

  • It is one of the most top paying college majors
  • Students majoring in these fields are getting new jobs
  • These majors give students the chance to work with great technology
  • The future is bright for these majors
  • Students who graduate with degrees in these majors report being exceptionally healthy and happy

Top College Majors

  • Biomedical Engineer

Students majoring in this field learn to design, improve, and maintain medical equipment. This can be an especially exciting field for those who wish to work with artificial organs, medical analysis equipment, and devices that provide equal accessibility.

  • Nursing

High demand, tuition forgiveness, great salaries, and job placement opportunities are just a few of the reasons that this major makes the tops of these list in so many polls. Many students are drawn to this major because they simply want to help others to gain better health

  • Engineering

All disciplines of engineering are extremely popular. Career prospects for engineering students are great as are projected salaries. The future looks great for engineers, because there will always be openings for engineers as long as new designs and technologies are being worked on.

  • Business Administration or Business Management

Business majors have always been popular among students who wish to begin careers in the corporate world, retail, or small to medium sized businesses. Many students pursuing business degrees have the desire to go to graduate school and complete their MBA.

  • Computer Science

Students who study Computer Science are qualified to enter many fields where job demand is high. They become security specialists, database administrators, software engineers, network technicians and help desk professionals.

  • Social Worker

The pay for a social worker is not the highest on this list. However, the work can be extraordinarily rewarding. Graduates work hard to make sure that people are healthy, safe, and that people have access to counseling and other sources of help.

  • Education

Students pursue majors in education or related fields in order to become teachers, school administrators, or guidance counselors. This can be extremely fulfilling work, and job prospects are excellent depending on area of specialty and geographical location.

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